Today i started to do some basic modelling so i have something to show for the weeklies, and also to make sure I'm heading in the right direction. Was a really fun start to the project, and also the reference research made me want to go to New York even more. Here is some reference i used, and then a little video showing the model. one thing i am thinking of doing, is adding more bends to the hand rails, to break up the repetition, and to give a more lifelike/stylised feel.

Early building concept

One thing i have always looked into incorporating into my modelling, is working with modular models.
I feel like this method of working would be a new challenge when creating the buildings, and also speed up the process of the workflow.
I found some links on how to create a modular work flow, and i am excited to get the go ahead with art style, and start creating some building fronts.

The latest project we have been given, is to work on DEEP.  DEEP is a film that a Tutor has been creating for a few years, and is now incorporating it into our practical brief. The good part about the project is that it contains many art and production styles. This means each student gets the chance to work on a style that they enjoy, and want to improve.
I have chosen to work in the 3D modelling side of the film, and more specifically been given a scene that involves modelling a city scape style environment.

The first thing i have done, is gather some reference and different art styles ready to take into the next weekly meeting so i can get feedback on exactly which direction i need go. Here are a few screen shots from my Pinterest, which i am using for inspiration, and will continue to use throughout the project.

For the first deadline back after Xmas, i had to create some key poses with my characters, film some live action test shots, and do a really rough animation test.
After finding my models and rigs online, i started to model some assets to make the scene a little more interesting that just 4 walls. The bookcase, table an chairs are in a few shots here, but i will probably add more as i go along, an also to give myself a break from the animation.

Live action tests

rough key poses

Rough animation test

For the 11 second project, i have decided to pick the November sound clip, as i wanted the challenge of the lip sync. After drafting out a few ideas, i decided to run with the clumsy oversized superhero, getting a telling off from his wife. Here's a quick concept sketch and explanation.

Here is it, the final animation. throughout the whole project, i was in charge of using the clips sent by my team, and updating the animatic for the weekly presentations. once it was all finished, and after all the chopping up of clips for the animatic, i noticed the sound wasn't quite right and didn't flow as well as it could. so i got the group to find some appropriate sound clips in which i could take into Premier to align with the final animation.

Overall i think the animation looked good. The style worked with the software we were using, it got some laughs, and we were all sufficient in flash to make the animation work smoothly and look like 1 movie, not 1 movie with the different animation styles. I was very happy with the communication and moral with my group, and felt that there wasn’t a weak link in terms of skill or effort. The project was a fun way to kick start year 2, and i look forward to having the strict weekly deadlines with other projects throughout the year. After talking with the group, i think one thing we would definitely change, is the amount of crit sessions we attended as a group and try to get more lecturer feedback to prevent miss communication. When it comes to laughter, one persons gag may not make another person laugh, but i feel more constructive feedback on a broader level would of helped with our development, and given more confidence through the team. 
Week 4 and were constantly updating the clips from the animatic with our finished animations.
Heres my 3rd week contribution. all that i have left to animate before next week, is the bear transition, the bear going into the mouth, and re align all the sound.